Humans, Not Wolves, are Predators Who Hunt Species into Extinction

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 28, 2003

This is in response to Bruce Brown's letter ("What's Alaska Wildlife Alliance's solution to the wolf problem?" Dec. 16). In it, he refers to Scott Moran's letter "Sparing the lives of 40 wild animals would save big bucks, reputation" (Dec. 15) and commented, "Scott seems to believe the individuals running the state are ignorant madmen." Well, Scott wouldn't be far off. Reference Jeff Schively's letter ("Study other states' mistakes before enacting wolf control" Dec. 16) and realize that our "leaders" are making the same mistakes. Nothing about killing wolves in Alaska is really about people starving in McGrath. I haven't heard anyone ask for alternatives to the "lack of food" in McGrath. This issue is simply about eliminating wolves. Check the facts. The only species responsible for hunting another species into extinction is man. Wolves and moose keep the balance of nature; it's only man who is destroying it.

The board focuses on calves that are killed. It's at least as important to moose survival that bulls survive to produce calves. It's not the wolves that are killing the largest, healthiest bulls! Do Alaskans realize that 1,700 wolves are already killed every year in Alaska? Wolves don't produce enough offspring to continue to survive even that onslaught, let alone aerial hunting.

Wake up Alaska! It's time to be smart and learn from the mistakes of the rest of the world, not simply repeat them.

-- Becky Breeding / Chugiak

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