Friends of Animals May Mean Well
But Their Thinking is Disneyish

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / January 1, 2004

Wolf control is a win-win deal! Although Friends of Animals and Priscilla Feral may be well-intentioned emotionally, they are sadly ignorant of the facts. They seem to wish that the wilderness was more like a Disney film than the actual wilderness it is. Predators and prey (which have always included humans in that relationship) spend the majority of their time either hunting or being hunted and savagely killed. Friends of Animals do a huge disservice to wildlife in general and to the uninformed American populace.

Priscilla claims that wolves and humans are "sentient" animals. They are, and in case she hasn't noticed, wolves feel perfectly natural, as the beautiful killers they are, when they rip the entrails out of moose and caribou adults and calves.

Every state has a fish and game management department. Their role is to try and limit the "natural swings" in all populations for the benefit of wildlife and man. As long as wild habitat is protected, all species of wildlife will do well. Predator or prey control through changes in fish and game regulations and habitat protection and improvement will benefit all wildlife.

A reduction in wolves around McGrath will ultimately assist in increasing the moose population, and that will be followed by an increase in the wolf population.

-- Bruce Rogers / Anchorage

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