Governor Commended for Standing Firm Against Wolf Misinformation

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / January 2, 2004

Thank you, governor, for standing firm on wolf control. There is a vast misinformation campaign being employed by Ms. Feral and her ilk. It is not a tough campaign to wage, as many tourists still wonder how we keep our igloos from melting in the summer.

Most Americans know very little about our state and hold dear their misconceptions of it. One misconception is that wolves are viewing fodder for the masses. The reality is that wolves are very elusive, very rarely seen during daylight. Their prey animals, however, are among the most commonly viewed wildlife in the state. Moose, sheep and caribou are groceries to wolves, yet they are the easiest and most often viewed wildlife. Another myth is that the McGrath area is a tourism destination and aerial wolf control there will dampen their wildlife viewing experience. McGrath is not a mecca of tourism, and if tourists were to visit there, they would not see any wolves, as they are so elusive, and they wouldn't see many moose, either, because the numbers are so low. Let's knock down the wolf population a few years, allow the moose numbers to go up, then there will be more game for both the human and canid hunter!

-- Steve Runyan / Wasilla

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