Wolf Derby

Opinion / Letter to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / January 9, 2004

To the Editor:
As an Alaska resident for 43 years, I would never try to tell the people of Darien, Conn., (headquarters for Priscilla Feral's Friends of Animals) the most efficient way to spay or neuter their stray cats, although I have what I feel are some excellent ideas on the subject. It's really none of my business.
I do feel bad for the local businesses affected by the economic loss of a potential boycott. The Salvation Army will no doubt be missing out on the 30 bucks or so that the backpacking eco-tourists, who may actually join in the boycott, spend in their stores gearing up.

Darn ... and right as the state's economy was gaining momentum. The other 99 percent of the tourists that fly up and visit Alaska don't much care about all this nonsense. Seeing a large, "mad cow-free" moose from their bus window is one of the main reasons they come here. Smart, aggressive predator management will increase the chances of that, and more importantly, for Alaskans, the result will be a much better chance each fall of filling our freezers.

My idea is for a "wolf derby." The state of Alaska could set aside, for example, $200,000 to be divided into 10 $20,000 Alaska Department of Fish and Game-tagged wolves.

These funds could be offered to hunters and trappers in local villages who successfully take a special tagged wolf. I have asked the opinion of several of my friends from communities around the Interior about this, and they like it. Those that I've spoken with that already take wolves have said that they would definitely spend some additional time hunting and trapping wolves if they felt that there was a wolf roaming around in their area that might help them pay off the family bills in a hurry.

I'm certain Ms. Feral and her extremist group would be adamantly opposed to my wolf derby idea. If I'm right about that, then how come I've never seen her on the dock in VaIdez protesting the silver salmon derby. Maybe she just doesn't like fish.

Craig Compeau / Fairbanks

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