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Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / January 30, 2004

To the editor:

Priscilla Feral and R.E. Stratton have much in common.

Both reside Outside, but insist on irrational, outspoken criticism of issues specific to Alaska.

Both are passionate about their missions, Feral to save the wolf and kill the moose, and Stratton to save his ego and kill Fairbanks.

Neither present arguments from experience. Feral has never personally watched a wolf hunt and brutalize its prey, let alone been to McGrath. Stratton apparently hermited on the hill and never interacted with other residents. Yet both proclaim themselves experts on our problems, never seek compromises or reasonable solutions, and insist on strong-arm tactics or rhetoric to achieve their goals.

Why has Feral never suggested relocating wolves to an area overrun by deer or using all that money she spends on lobbying to build a Friends of Animals Preserve? The result would be fewer wolves killing wolves, moose and pets, and more food for our rural residents. Why never a mention of help for other animals? Include a mud (or worse) hole for your human sheep and the likes of Stratton. Why hasn't Stratton sent money to the Interior Democrats to help them campaign against his Republican targets?

Both are a disgrace to their profession and avocation, representing the worst in myopic, inflexible, ignorant, militant and, in the case of Stratton, bitter and sarcastic outlooks on our complex society.

Both have a weapon of choice (boycott and letters to the editor). Both reside in incongruous settings. Darien is a very sophisticated, upscale, highly educated, suburban community for New York City. Hattiesburg is downscale (compared to Fairbanks), but inhabited by some of the warmest, friendliest people you'd ever want to meet.

Both amuse and frustrate me. Keep coming to Anchorage, Feral. Your tourist dollars are welcome; and the exposure you give to Outside hunters is fantastic. Keep writing, Stratton. You strengthen my resolve to respect all viewpoints, to always seek compromises and keep exercising, so when I retire I will not turn into a senile, banal blowhard with a shriveled, sour brain.
Carter Crawford / Fairbanks

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