Top Troopers are Keeping Officers
From Their Sworn Wildlife Duties

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / February 4, 2004

Regarding the article "Sex offender data being updated" (Jan. 30) and the use of Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement troopers to locate sex offenders: When the state troopers absorbed the "brown shirts" into their ranks, we were assured brown shirts would fill in for the "blue shirts" only during slack periods. Ptarmigan, trapping, ice fishing and caribou seasons are open throughout the state. This is a prime time for poaching. Add to this the commercial fishing/crabbing seasons in the remote areas and I would suggest this should be a rather busy time of the year.

I was opposed to the transfer when it was proposed, and I can now say my worst fears have been realized. The leaders of the Alaska State Troopers do not understand the role of the Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement; do not understand the vital importance of the renewable resources of this state; and are showing an utter disregard and contempt for those resources. Commissioner Tandeske and his directors are sworn to enforce all the laws of Alaska, not just a select few. By restricting wildlife officers from enforcing the wildlife laws of this state, they are failing to perform their sworn duties and should be removed from their positions for dereliction of duty.

-- Nick Steen, former state game biologist / Wasilla


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