Gov. Murkowski's Legacy will be Tainted with the Blood of Wolves

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / February 5, 2004

I am absolutely outraged; 30 wolves have been killed in the state's efforts to curb "over-predation" of moose and caribou in two areas of Alaska. Over 100 more are likely to be shot by gunmen using airplanes and snowmachines.

Meanwhile, efforts are under way to recall the governor, nearly 60 nationwide protests against the wolf killings have been held, and many of Murkowski's own constituents have publicly voiced their opposition to this brass form of predator control. Yet he still turns a deaf ear to the growing opposition.

Initially, I had faith that the governor would respect the voice of Alaska voters and rescind his decision to kill wolves before blood was shed. Sadly, I was mistaken. Does Murkowski hold a personal grudge against wolves? Does he hold a personal grudge against Alaskans? Most politicians hope to leave behind a legacy after leaving office. Well, it's apparent that the governor's "legacy" will be tainted with the blood of wolves, the ire of Alaska voters and besieged with stubbornness.

Whether or not the governor is run out of the office early or maintains his position for full term, his poor decision to promote killing wolves not only blemishes the state's status as a national treasure, but more importantly damages the natural cycle of predator-prey relationships within its primeval forests.

-- Jeff Schively / Girdwood

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