Misguided Animal Activists Reveal Ignorance inThinly Veiled Campaign

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / February 7, 2004

I'm amused that supposed Daily News readers from Seattle and Alexandria, Va., (and others) are "canceling" their Alaska trips due to wolf control measures taken by Alaska ("Abhorrent, unfair killing of wolves worth boycotting; I'm canceling," Feb. 6, and "If Alaskans insist on killing wolves, they can do without our money," Feb. 6).

These misguided activists claim they had travel plans. They wanted to see mountains, waters and animals. Visitors love the Turnagain Arm sheep, the neighborhood moose and all the other animals that live here. These same people will not come to Alaska if there aren't enough moose or caribou left to see, but they won't come if we try to protect the moose and caribou. Trying to please these Outsider-experts is a no-win situation.

Visit Seattle, Alexandria or other homes of the outraged and do a moose count. If we follow the advice of these self-declared expert animal activists, our home will soon be as animal-depleted as theirs is now. I don't listen to experts who can't show a success in their own back yard due to their own activity, in their own field of expertise.

-- F.S. Shroy / Anchorage

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