Don't Let Outsiders Hurt Alaska with Boycott

Letters to the Editor / Juneau Empire / February 8, 2004

Ellie Archer of Calgary wrote "leave the wolves alone." First it was Friends of Animals doing Alaska damage, now we have Canadians getting their digs in, too. Myself, having just returned from a two-week Alaskan visit in January, I saw no wolves, but I also saw very few moose and that tells me something. There's less moose, or at least I see less than my last four visits in two years. I wonder why? Could it be the wolves are taking more?

Also, if these groups are doing Alaska monetary damage why not sue them, hit them where it hurts, right in their wallets? If someone or some group was costing me money, I sure would fight back in the courts. Remember this group, Friends of Animals, is based in Connecticut, probably the richest state in the country, full of well-heeled people with nothing else to do but stick their noses into your business. I love Alaska and no group will ever stop me or others like me from coming here.

Mel Adkins / Sparks, NV

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