Wolf Hunt?  Witch Hunt?  What's the Difference?

Letter to the Editor / February 10, 2004

ANCHORAGE -- What Governor Murkowski and the Board of Game are doing to Alaska is similar to what George W. Bush is doing to our country.

All are doing their best to take as much as they can get away with during their time in office. For example, Bush spends everything the government has, and goes on to spend billions more on credit so the country will need to recover way into the future, a terrible obligation for future generations.  What a legacy!

As a slave and victim of the current administration's budgets and policies, it has truly become an issue of accountable stewardship, and the Republicans seem to fail terribly at this responsibility. 

In Alaska, the appointed Board of Game takes wildlife on credit. It's robbery and rape. Hopefully, this will all end when Murkowski and Bush are no longer in office, and the sooner the better.

The level of aggression against wildlife is increasing. From letters and comments, it can be concluded that many of the proponents of this violent form of game management feel somehow neglected for decades, hurt, targeted and victimized. The further the controversy develops in time, the points of view appear to be as if looking through a fish bowl. Politics and money have resulted in bad science, very bad science.

Currently, there is a striking similarity to the Middle Ages in Europe. Imagine, a Middle Age mentality in Alaska in 2004? 

Everything is so distorted, so surreal, and so out of proportion.

Is Murkowski from Salem, Massachusetts?

Witch!  Witch!  Wolf!  Wolf!  Burn!  Burn!

-- Lieke Postma

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