Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / February 12, 2004

To the Editor,

We trap them in brutal ways without regard to age or gender, pain or suffering. We chase with snowmachines, running them to exhaustion. We've poisoned them (along with non-targeted species) and have offered bounties which prove ineffective and subject to considerable abuse.

We've dragged their pups from their dens and killed them as the parents watch. We've stomped their chests while they were trapped to save a few cents on a .22 cartridge. We've snared them and watched as they chew limbs off in futile efforts to escape. We do things to wolves that done to a dog or cat would land us in jail with a hefty fine for cruelty to animals. Yet, because they are wild animals by some convoluted thinking we exempt them from feeling the pain, the agony, the sheer torture of these acts.

Now, thanks to Ralph Seekins and his ilk, we don't have to concern ourselves with even the pretense of ethics. We perpetuate brutalities on our wildlife that a decent person would find repulsive and know our governor, our Legislature, the Board of Game, the Alaska Outdoor Council, and the trappers will condone the practices without hesitation.

And we can cover it up nicely with that favorite phrase of Fish and Game, "a management tool."

Seekins, stooge for the AOC and trappers, knows full well were his wildlife bills submitted to public vote they would fail. Instead, he chooses a sleazy path, pushing it through a Legislature that mostly shares his same lack of ethics. As other legislators seek to restrict the average Alaskan's ability to address such behavior by making the initiative process more restrictive Seekins now goes after bears with a similar lack of conscience or principles.

Yeah ... we know how to manage our wildlife. We remain silent while Seekins and his kind ransack this resource we all own equally but which he seems to regard as a private reserve for an elite few.

How long he gets away with it is up to you. Call him at 456-8161 and let him know it's time to stop the madness ... his madness.

With concern,
Art Greenwalt / Fairbanks

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