Arrogant FOA

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / February 14, 2004

To the Editor,

The letter you printed (Feb. 2) from Bob Orebona, operations director, Friends of Animals, clearly shows the arrogance and ignorance of this organization. Mr. Orebona tells us that the local letter writer who asked others to respond to the wolf control issue with letters expressing 'experience' in that regard is flawed. He tells us that, "arguments are to be presented from knowledge--just the facts--not experience. Experience does not equal knowledge." Well, if we can trust 'Webster,' and I quote, "knowledge (is) understanding gained by experience," it would appear Mr. Orebona does not know what he's talking about. I would suggest Priscilla should gag her operations director before he attempts to educate us Alaskan bumpkins further.

In his letter, Mr. Orebona goes on to put down the local letter writer as, "mean and nasty" and a "banal blowhard with a shriveled and sour brain." Now is that arrogance or what? I would have to say that it is surprising that such statements would come from such a high and mighty national organization as the FOA. You would almost think they don't like us folks up here having an opposing viewpoint.

On Feb. 4 your newspaper printed a story that the FOA-led tourism boycott is "stinging" some of our states' small tourism businesses--FOA must be very proud of themselves. We can all imagine the FOA crowd jumping for joy in the streets of Darien, Conn. Who knows, maybe they will even put some Alaskans out of business.

This morning I asked my neighborhood moose what he thought of this wolf control issue, he just kept on eating the willow bushes. But, as he walked away I noticed he had a Murkowski bumper sticker.

Hugh Keith / Ester --

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