Boycott Forever

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / February 19, 2004

To the Editor,

Here we go again! I think Connecticut-based Friends of Animals ought to start worrying about Connecticut being 100 percent covered with concrete and asphalt and leave us alone.

Priscilla Feral, Gordon Haber and the rest of their ilk should get lives and worry about where they live.

I was happy to live here after Haber got fined $120,000 for letting that wolf free from a trapper's wolf set in the Fortymile area. I just wish I knew the money came out of his pocket and not the donating fools of Friends of Animals. I'll bet Haber didn't pay for the hours on the helicopter he was flying around in either.

But I'm all for the boycott! I think Priscilla Feral and Haber should lead the boycott, yeah, her and the convicted fur thief! Don't do it for a year though! Please do it forever! Please!

I missed the last wolf I got a shot at! Darn! But the other two were not so lucky. They were in the Fortymile area about 12 years ago. Fact is, after I shot the first one and it bounded off and went down, the second appeared. I said to myself, this one is for Priscilla Feral and killed the second one.

I'm not worried about mad cow disease either because I just finished the best baked moose steak you'd ever want to eat.

Wolves are not endangered here! We just have a few too many in too many places. The next one is for Priscilla Feral too! If she or Haber have a problem with that, I got a quarter here so they can call someone who cares!

Craig Lehren / North Pole


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