Aerial Protest Challenges Aerial War on Wolves

Alaska Wildlife Alliance / February 21, 2004

A poll commissioned by the Alaska Wildlife Alliance and carried out by Dittman Research Corporation has found that 73-75 percent of Alaskans oppose both state sponsored predator control and shooting wolves with the aid of aircraft.  The results are consistent across the state including the rural areas.  The majority of hunters are in opposition.  Alaskan voters banned same-day airborne hunting of wolves in 1996, and again in 2000 after the state legislature reinstated it.

Governor Murkowski has ignored the voters and launched an aerial war on Alaska's wolves over a 10,000 square mile area, or roughly three times the size of Yellowstone National Park.  On Friday the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reported that 68 wolves had been killed from aircraft--36 males and 32 females.  Even though the killing has been going on since January 21st, not a single member of the press has been able to document the carnage.  Governor Murkowski doesn't want the public to see what is going on.  He doesn't want Alaskans or the world to know.  Even the carcasses remain undocumented by the media.  None of the gunners are required to produce any evidence of the wolves they have killed until 30 days after the April 30th close of season, by which time the program will be over and hundreds of wolves will have been killed or wounded. 

In protest today the Alaska Wildlife Alliance launched its own aerial assault.  Starting at 11 am it began flying an airplane over the city of Anchorage with a banner that reads, "Alaskans said no to aerial wolf killing." 

"The flights will continue until the people's voices are heard and the aerial wolf killing has stopped", said Paul Joslin, Wildlife Director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance.

Contact:  Paul Joslin, PhD. Wildlife Director
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