Senator Ellis Proposes Board of Game Change

Wildlife / Outdoors / Anchorage Daily News / February 22, 2004

Senate Minority Leader Johnny Ellis, D-Anchorage, has introduced legislation (Senate Bill 343) to replace the Alaska Board of Game with a Board of Wildlife. The bill's intent is to ensure that the board could consist of nonconsumptive users, tourism interests and scientists, as well as hunters, trappers and subsistence users. Geran Tarr, chief of staff for Ellis, said the bill does not specify that certain seats go to certain types of people but rather protects board nominees from being rejected by the Legislature based on their backgrounds. Tarr said Ellis is pro-subsistence and pro-hunting but wants more balance on the board to reflect Alaska's diverse opinions on wildlife issues. The new board would contain nine members, rather than the current number of seven. For more information, call 1-907-465-3704 or e-mail .

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