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Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / February 22, 2004

To the Editor:

I am appalled by Mr. Pollock Simon Jr.'s letter written in response to Art Greenwalt's letter concerning wolf hunting. I think he may have taken Mr. Greenwalt's letter the wrong way.

The way I read it, Mr. Greenwalt seemed to be condemning Ralph Seekins and the predator control program he supports; not the lifestyles of all outdoorsmen. To help Mr. Simon Jr. out, the word convoluted means "1. Having numerous overlapping coils or folds. 2. Intricate; complicated."

What some people need to realize is that wolves and bears are not the only forces knocking the moose population down. Are we to expect that the moose population would skyrocket if all wolves and bears were taken out of the picture? Food can be hard for moose to find, especially in cold winters, so perhaps we should send them care packages. The wolves are doing what they need to survive, and the moose will do what they need to survive.

Now, some of you are screaming that wolves will sometimes kill more than they need. That food is not wasted. The carrion benefits animals that we, as Alaskans, seem to be proud of, such as foxes, ravens, bears and eagles. We aren't meant to control the environment, despite what many of us think. Before humans interfered, the animals were working things out on their own.

I don't think that Mr. Greenwalt was making an attack on the Alaska Native way of life. He said nothing about the Native people misusing any resources.

Again, I think it comes back to what the letter was mainly commenting on: Ralph Seekins and the predator control program. Why wasn't Mr. Simon Jr.'s letter dedicated to giving the pros of the program, instead of telling others that their beliefs are wrong?

Finally, Mr. Simon Jr. also said, "In every good man, there's a good wolf trapper fighting to get out." Does this mean that if there isn't a "good wolf trapper" fighting to get out of someone, he/she is a bad person? Mr. Simon Jr., don't include the entire population of Earth in your personal opinion.

Laurel Gangloff and Tanis Bourque / Fairbanks

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