Wolf Packs of Denali in Danger of Losing their Protection Zone

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / February 23, 2004

The Toklat and Mount Margaret wolf packs of Denali National Park are in danger -- again. Back in 2001, the former Alaska Board of Game established a no-hunting-and-trapping protection zone for the wolves on state lands adjacent to Denali park. However, hunters and trappers have submitted four proposals to the board to remove this critical protection zone. Board members will vote on these proposals during the Board of Game meeting beginning Feb. 26.

Denali's Toklat pack is the most viewed, studied and longest-known family ancestry of wolves in the world. These wolves are tolerant of humans, just like the McNeil River bears, giving thousands of visitors the rare experience of seeing a wolf in the wild. A few hunters and trappers who want to kill these special wolves for their pelts could eliminate them. Three prior Denali wolf packs that ventured into the territory in question were eliminated in the past.

Please visit www.savetoklatwolf.com , see photos and video footage showing why these wolves are so special and sign our petition to keep the buffer zone. Other ways to help are listed. On behalf of the wolves of Denali, thank you.

-- Dorothy Keeler / Anchorage

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