Outsiders' Opinion not Worth a "Plug Nickel"

Letters to the Editor / Juneau Empire / February 25, 2004

Why is it that the outsiders from the Lower 48 think that their opinions about Alaskan policies and government should mean doodah to us? If you people want to make a difference in Alaska, move up here, get a job and make a significant contribution to Alaska's economy. Otherwise we really don't need your hot air.

Also, if you think to intimidate real Alaskans with your petty little tourism boycott, well woohoo. Less pollution and less traffic. The only ones getting rich off of the tourists are large corporations whose headquarters are definitely not in Alaska anyway.

For any Alaskan business owners who may be financially distressed due to the supposed tourism boycott, I am not insensitive to your plight. However, someone has to make these outsiders understand that most of us wouldn't give a plug nickel for their opinions.

Chris Hoffman / Juneau


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