Board of Wildlife Would Signal Demise of Hunting, Trapping in State

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / February 28, 2004

The initiative process has been undermined and corrupted by the animal-left for too long. The true "enemies of the state" (the Alaska Wildlife Alliance and the Defenders of Wildlife) are going to attempt to hijack the Board of Game through the dreaded initiative process this fall. The animal-left's pre-eminent endeavor is to butcher sport, subsistence and trophy hunting by serving on a Board of Wildlife.

What is the reason for changing the Board of Game? Do wildlife viewers and nonconsumptive users have seasons, bag limits or limitations on their activities like hunters and trappers do? Hunting and trapping have been around for millennia. If one is philosophically opposed to hunting and trapping, then don't do it. However, don't shove the animal-protectionist balderdash down the throat of outdoors people, hunters and trappers by trying to seize the Board of Game and effectively abolishing hunting.

I believe that hunters and trappers should control the Board of Game. Nobody is trying to outlaw, curtail or restrict nonconsumptive uses of wildlife, and the board isn't pushing personal philosophies onto the public. I feel the reciprocal is not true, though; an animal-protectionist board would definitely strive to reduce, constrict and abolish hunting and trapping.

Hunters and trappers are the true conservationists and would never construct policies to the detriment of animal populations. I cannot say the same for the animal-left.

-- Timothy Christopherson / Anchorage

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