Alaskans Won't Back Game Board Changes Based on Emotion, Politics

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / March 5, 2004

Sen. Johnny Ellis bill to restructure the Board of Game to the Board of Wildlife is not only misguided but also misinformed. Alaska's wildlife populations are extremely important to most of us. Whether providing food for our families or offering the enjoyment of experiencing animals in their natural setting, Mr. Ellis fails to understand the Board of Game originated from the principles set forth to balance wildlife populations as well as to provide surplus animals, seasons and bag limits. When balance is achieved, Alaskans have more opportunity to hunt and view more animals; a win-win situation for everyone, including the animals.

Mr. Ellis has a preconceived notion that the current panel of board members only listens to hunters and trappers. On the contrary, these board members have carefully studied 300 proposals, answered endless phone calls from the public (including representatives from groups such as Defenders of Wildlife), obtained local knowledge from various user groups, and reviewed extensive agency information.

Until the good senator and his ilk base their legislation on science instead of emotion and political posturing, the people of Alaska will not support changing the Board of Game into the Board of Wildlife.

Elaina Spraker / Soldotna

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