Keep Up Your Howling and Tourism Boycott

Letter to the Editor / Juneau Empire / March 8, 2004

Every now and then very wise decisions at a high level have unintended consequences. Personally, I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but the recent lift of the aerial predator control ban has had this good fortune. It seems that there is now a boycott of Alaska tourism and Alaska-made products by the knee-jerk animal-rights crowd.

Normally, this would be a bad thing and on the surface it would seem so. However, the folks that are now choosing to stay home and not come to Alaska to visit are the very ones that we don't want here in the first place lest, they consider moving here. I can also see the wisdom of the government of Grand Cayman in not accepting anyone into the country that doesn't have a return ticket.

Please keep up the picketing and "howl-ins." I'm afraid that if you stop I won't have anything to laugh at.  And your manufactured outrage is priceless.

My only question is why wasn't this considered earlier, like day one after statehood? Seriously though, I think that this boycott could only help Alaskan business. There will be plenty of U-Hauls and ferry tickets sold to folks going south to escape the evils of "The Last Frontier."
Rejoice Alaska. It's a good day.

Earl J. Lear / Juneau

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