Board of Game No Longer Represents People
Who Value Wildlife, Habitats

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / March 9, 2004

I take great exception to the comments made by Board of Game member Pete Buist ("Predator control debate attracts misinformed," Feb. 28), as well as some members of the public. Their remarks suggest that those persons who are opposed to unethical, unsportsmanlike conduct are misinformed idealists. That opinion is not only prejudiced, it's divisive. I find it very disturbing that a public representative, or anyone else, would take that position.

As a subsistence provider and an active registered big-game guide, I have a deep respect and appreciation for Alaska's wildlife and wildland habitats. Natural resources are the mainstay for my family and our culture, and are what define us: as participants with the environment in a traditional manner. I am actively engaged with wildlife-related outdoor activities within the Nelchina Basin and along the northern front of the Talkeetna Mountains in excess of 230 days each year. I am hardly misinformed as to what occurs there.

In the past, I have been actively involved with the Board of Game process -- both as a member of the public and then as an appointed board member. I felt then that the process was representative of the public's interest. I do not believe that to be true under the current regime. In fact, I no longer participate with the public's board process, as I feel that my perspective and concern is not represented there, and is largely ignored by the present board.

-- Rob Hardy / Wasilla

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