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Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily-News Miner / March 9, 2004

To the Editor:

It seems like a lesson in futility to disagree with the Department of Fish and Games policies. For the more than 35 years I've lived here, I've learned to keep a lot of opinions to myself since killing wolves to keep more moose around has been a big topic forever, and being labeled an environmentalist is akin to being labeled a member of the Ku Klux Klan Outside. However, I've discovered that numerous Alaskans agree with me that the Department of Fish and Game and the state of Alaska's handling of wildlife is sometimes shortsighted, cruel and needless

I'd like to urge the members who are holding out for more scientific information on which to base their decisions to hold firm. There are many, many Alaskans who don't like the decisions Fish and Game is making. The one-sided interpretation of managing wildlife is something that I believe can be transformed when people open their minds to other views.

I have had discussions with many hunters, and most concede they don't think killing the wolves is right. The term "right" is important. It is not "right" to beat your dog, it is not "right" to beat another human and it is not "right" to wipe out a species for your own convenience.

Sometimes no management is good management. How about nature being allowed to straighten itself out for a few years without human intervention? A balance is not what the hunter-oriented Fish and Game appears to really want. Instead, they want to have nothing but themselves left to kill moose. The simplest way to handle this would be to have a moratorium on hunting except for economic need. Sports hunters, however, are a powerful group, most claiming they need the moose meat although they spend more money on their hunting trip, including time off work, than they could save at the store.


Mary Lynch

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