Why Kill Moose Calves and Wolves?

Letter to the Editor / Juneau Empire / March 11, 2004

The Board of Game authorized killing moose calves, while the other side of their table is authorizing wolf kills because of low populations of moose. Would it not be more politically correct to capture these calves and put them in the low-moose areas, thus avoiding a boycott on Alaska tours?

Hunt the calves with darts, capture them and relocate them. Come to think of it, why are they not doing that with the wolves? Take the wolves to the calves, thus they eat them. Problem solved, right? Is what they are doing game management, or is it satisfying hunters' wants and needs?

The above would be managing game, I would think. But, hey, I'm just an ordinary person who does not hunt or depend on the moose for eating. Anyone ever eat a wolf? Perhaps we should thin out the Board of Game while we are at it. It seems they too are a threat to the moose population as well as wolf populations. But that would surely be politically incorrect management.

Thomas Baxter / Juneau


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