Game Board Attempts To Thwart Bear Initiative

CUBB / Citizens United Against Bear Baiting / March 12, 2004

Approximately 650 black bears are killed by hunters each year after being habituated to come to bait using human related foods such as pastries, bacon grease, and dog food.  Earlier this week Lt. Gov. Loren Leman announced that enough certified voter signatures had been raised to place an initiative prohibiting the baiting or intentional feeding of bears on the November, 2004 ballot.   If the polls are any indication, it will pass with flying colors.  

In a surprise move yesterday the Board of Game attempted to thwart the public process by passing a regulation that allocates, "at least 1000 bears to bear baiters for harvest in 18 Game Management Units across the state where regulations have been developed specifically to allow for such harvest."  That is an area larger than the size of Texas!

"The Board of Game should not interfere with the public process", said initiative committee member John Erickson.  "If anything it should be doing a better job of representing the public interest.  I'm a hunter, and I have no problem hunting bears so long as it is done by fair chase means, which bear baiting is not."
Alaska is one of the few remaining states that still allows bear baiting.  The Yukon and British Columbia banned it years ago. 

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