Defenders of Alaska and its Natives Must Rally for Bear, Speak for Eagle

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / March 13, 2004

The Native Americans now in Alaska's wilderness and those in dire need should be the only people to receive the right to subsistence living. Alaska's precious predators are now becoming victims to non-Native people and their explosive ways. The game numbers remaining the same or decreasing is because of these people taking more than they need or their sheer unnatural numbers impacting the environment for what they need.

I insist that we spend money on getting a grocery (like the Alaska Food Bank) for every remote town. Also, we need not spread our growth to the remote areas of Alaska, where we know precious resources will be dampened and pillaged. It is not as it was in the past and we need control in what we do.

I ask now for all who care about Alaska, the last frontier, to rally for the bear, stand up for the wolf and speak for the eagle. For they are under attack by massive numbers of non-Natives and people following orders. I urge those who are taking for the sheer reason of being where they are, to see what you can change, what you can live without.

-- Jesse Ward / Cooper Landing

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