Wolf Deception

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 15, 2004

To the Editor:

From living on the land and waters in the Interior of Alaska all my life, I find it very disturbing that the Wildlife Alliance and other out-of-state groups have a say that adversely affects my way of living in the Interior.

I can see the benefits of having tourists viewing wildlife for their pleasure, but that's all they see or would want to see: a utopian environment. This dreamland where these wildlife huggers can see only what they want to and not view the picture as a whole life cycle of the wolf and the animals it preys upon. To understand how the wolf really is, you have to put yourself in the wolf's world, not in a world that's full of imagination and try to change a way of life of people and animals based on myths.

A lone wolf will prey upon small animals and even dogs on a chain in villages. Two wolves will take on bigger game such as moose. They do this by biting the hind legs. This is called hamstringing the moose. When this happens, the moose cannot run away or defend itself, because of the pain and infection in its hind leg. Now I don't think the wildlife huggers would want to see this.

A pack of wolves would just tear the moose up and eat it alive. Would the wildlife huggers want to see that? The point is, there are too many wolves and their food is disappearing, and this is happening before my eyes. From my grandpa's time, when there was too many wolves, he would kill them to have the other animals around for a balanced environment. When the wildlife gets out of balance, a species dies off. This is what is happening to the moose. A pack of five wolves or more eat more than five moose a month. Picture that.

I support what the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the governor are doing for the McGrath moose population, and hopefully they would expand their operation to this area.

-- Gerald Nicholia / Tanana

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