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Letters / Anchorage Press / March 13-19, 2003


I have just read a letter in my local newspaper about an animal group (friends of animals) that is threatening to boycott your tourists if you carry out a plan to rid a certain area of wolves to help the moose population grow so there would be meat for those who depend on it. You say the wolves are out of control? Well, join the club.

Not too long ago wolves were reintroduced here in Montana and they too are out of control (although pro-wolf people keep denying it). Ranchers are losing cattle and sheep all the time and no one is doing anything about it. Wolves are serious predators that need to be controlled, and I'm sure it's a lot worse up there. Our elk and moose population has already fallen because of these useless animals. Wolves are killing family dogs and they are showing no fear toward humans. Nothing the ranchers do is deterring them from killing their livestock.

Friends of Animals are an eastern-based group that does not have to live among these killers. Maybe you should trap these wolves and send them to this group to take care, or just drop them in their back yards. Maybe then they will see what a problem the wolves really are. We Montanans feel your burdens, and we hope you don't cave in to their threats. This group is no better then PETA. I doubt very much that they could hurt your tourism. And if they want to match every dollar that you spend on ridding these wolves, then find a way to do it at no cost, give out free hunting tags to your local hunters, or send me one and I will come up to your beautiful state and kill them myself at no cost to you.

Your obligation is to your people, not to some back-East group that has no right in that part of the world. So I hope you take a stance and do what you think is best for the people of Alaska and not some group that depends on threats and lawsuits to get their selfish and unwarranted ways. Wolves must be controlled now or all our precious game will diminish in the future.

Act now or pay later.

Bob Wood / Livingston, Montana

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