Individual Influence

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 18, 2004

To the Editor:

When the Alaska Outdoor Council approaches Sen. Ralph Seekins to do something, he does it. When I approach Sen. Seekins to do something, he does not.

When an organization like the AOC asks a legislator or senator to make changes regardless of the issue, the elected representative of the public may well give it their best shot. Especially if they too belong to that club or organization. In some ways, this is reasonable. In other ways it prevents individuals such as myself, regardless of the issue, from causing changes or adjustments within the state of Alaska, or from resolving imbalances and correcting injustices.

Special interest legislation has passed for relatively small groups of people or organizations. Sometimes that is needed. But sometimes that denies other individuals their rights in a very imbalanced situation.

In Alaska there is very little respect for people's peace, quiet and privacy. Bulldozers and guns seem to always take precedence over other needs. Legislators who are part deaf care not for those constituents whose hearing works quite well. And I might add that I resent Hugh Fate's complete ignoring of me when I asked him to introduce some legislation, just as I asked my senator, Ralph Seekins, as well as other "representatives" as they are called.

They only carry out the will of organizations such as the Outdoor Council. When I sought private counsel, I found out how many lawyers won't work for me in specific because they all belong to the same "clubs." Maybe justice is a gun, but I'd like to see God kick some butt here. Have a nice day.


-- Brian Fox / Fairbanks


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