The Real Predator

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 18, 2004

To the Editor:

Now, let me get this straight, there is a shortage of moose, so the hunters want to make it legal to kill calves and cows, along with the bulls. The hunting and trapping board met to legalize killing the wolves because the wolves are killing most of the moose. Now the hunting and trapping board is meeting to legalize killing the bears, because they say the bears are killing most of the moose. Although the hunters had always believed this, it was not brought up when they wanted to legalize killing the wolves.

There are not enough moose for the subsistence hunter with the $7,000 snowmachines / ATVs, $30,000 trucks, $5,000 trailers, $600 rifles, $200 scopes along with other hunting equipment. Regarding the wolves, this would include the $50,000-$100,000 airplane and cost of the pilot, gas, etc. As this is not the true definition of subsistence hunting, I would suggest using the money to buy meat from Delta Junction. It would be an economic benefit to the Delta community.

There is so much on predator control, and yet the biggest predator of all and cause of numerous shortages is never put forth. These predators do it for the fun (sport). They are not a part of nature balancing itself. They in fact create the imbalance. Also affected by the decisions of the board are the smaller carnivores that feed on the remains of the carcasses of these animals. These predators waste more than they use of the animal killed because they do not need the kill.

Their time is spent in the modern world. They work to buy what they need and enjoy all of the modern conveniences. The hunt is their recreation.

There are far more human predators in the world than animal. Why not enlist a hunt on this predator? All other predators would become the hunted in an effort to balance the different herd population. It only makes sense the predator that takes the most should be a part of this equation, guaranteeing them the continuation of having the thrill of the kill.

-- Carol A. Buffington / Fairbanks


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