Predator Control

Letter to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 26, 2004

To the Editor,

Having lived and traveled on the Yukon, I've seen what too many predators and not enough moose is like.

Wolves circle villages eating dogs, snared and trapped animals. I'm no expert on wolves. However, we carry guns, and also in the summer for bears. I'm for predator control on the Yukon Flats as well. Control them or they control us.

When we can't depend on salmon and the moose count are low, the villagers get [angry] at the city people coming in. They have the option of inexpensive stores. With the climate change, it gets harder to work with the set hunting schedule. Our groceries are mostly the Native foods: that live on land, swim, fly or grow--that is our choice.

Why not get the statistics of dogs eaten by wolves for "Friends of Animals" so they can face reality. I'm sure more dogs were eaten than are going to be killed. Anyone lose any good dogs to wolves lately?

While we're at it:

Let's open up hunting on the railroad corridor. One year the train killed approximately 300 moose.

As someone said, only kill predators during seasons.

For long term, possibly snaring and trapping classes in needed areas?

We could use a service where people can bring meat and/or fish and give to those who want or need it? (In the cities.)

As an Alaska Native with moose as one of my main food sources, I'm for predator control. Let's work together and educate the ignorant so we can all get along.

It's very expensive to live in the rural areas, and not everyone prefers city food. Please leave alone those who want to eat moose!


Phillip Solomon / Fort Yukon

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