Slaughtering Wolves, Baiting Bears, Killing Moose Calves Defies Logic

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News /March 28, 2004

I am appalled that the state is slaughtering wolves as well as permitting bear baiting. I cannot understand the supposed logic of destroying wolves and bears in order to have more moose (that is the story told to the citizens; of course, few people believed them). Supposedly, the people in McGrath didn't have enough meat to eat, hence the slaughtering began. Now Fish and Game will be killing moose calves because there is an "overabundance" of moose!

In the short time he has been governor, Frank Murkowski has caused great hardship to the ecosystem by promoting the killing wolves and bears, and now the slaughtering of baby moose. What kind of management would you call this? It is ruining the state and its ecosystem. It seems he thinks nothing of the future environment. Think what havoc he will wreak before we have the chance to vote in a new governor.

-- Mary Ann Woodward / Anchorage

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