City's Burgeoning Moose Population Calls for Animals' Relocation or Hunt

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News /March 28, 2004

Moose in Anchorage are way overpopulated with little if any natural fear left as they have no predators in Anchorage. This is a very dangerous combination. We either unintentionally hit them with our vehicles or have potentially dangerous encounters in our yards and trails. I have chosen to protect myself by carrying a visible weapon when conditions make aggressive moose encounters likely.

While it is politically unpopular, the moose need to be thinned out in Anchorage by relocation or a hunt. People are being injured and killed because our elected officials along with Fish and Game will not address the problem. I will continue to take responsibility for my own safety as our government will not.

-- Mari Wood / Anchorage

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