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Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / April 3, 2004

To the editor:

We read with interest the article "Students net profit at trappers' fur auction" by Beth Ipsen.

I hope the educator-instructors at the Bethel School, in fairness to the students, pointed out that the fur industry is rapidly dying as people, worldwide, are rejecting fur because of the cruelty involved.

The students should also be helped to learn some modern-day skills so that they can effectively compete with students throughout the world, rather than relying on seasonal trapping with very poor returns.

That the trappers association is taking advantage of these students by offering more for the fox pelts than they are truly worth is most unfair.

Contrary to the myth that trapping takes place in the North, the students should know that most trapping, by far, is done in the USA and in southern, moderate climates. In the south, there are a great many more species, larger and more frequent litters, and good survival rates.

Lastly, if the students actually set any traps, I hope they also get to witness a fox slowly dying in one of these traps. It is not quick, nor is it pretty. Again, I hope the students have been told the truth about the cruelty.

Yours truly,

George V. Clements
Director, Fur- Bearer Defenders
Vancouver, British Columbia

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