Animals Need Less Intervention Than We Think; Let's Leave Them Alone

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 11, 2004

I have been curious for quite some time why the laws in Alaska regarding hunting violations toward animal rights versus human rights are so unbalanced. You can issue orders to slaughter wolves, etc. under the guise of having their best interests at heart. Since these animals cannot speak for themselves or you don't understand their language, please allow me to speak on their behalf and make a few suggestions.

Butt out where your nose doesn't belong! Animals are intelligent enough and perfectly capable of taking care of their own without your assistance unless they are sick, then intervention would be a wise move. Worry about your own house before you go into someone else's. And last, but not least, you choose your own path. Just be aware of whose path you might cross along the way and whose burden you will share.

Which brings me to a saying I once heard, "You can fool most of the people sometimes, but ... "

-- Mary K. Swenor / Anchorage

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