In the Bush, Wolf is Just Another Hungry Competitor for Food Supply

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 12, 2004

Re: "Feral says fights will be fierce" (April 4): I am not a conservationist, naturalist or biologist. I am a retired registered hunting guide with 25 years of hunting experience and several thousand hours of flying experience near McGrath. Whatever the moral judgment on my hunting activities, there is no question that I could not have learned more about the interaction of Alaska's predators and prey. In the Bush, people do not care if wolves lay hard boiled eggs or sleep with their toes curled up. For them, there is nothing romantic about wolves, nothing cuddly. To them, wolves are not evil but simply a competitor for their food supply.

Please take your time and read "How We Can Help End Childhood Hunger" in the April 4 issue of Parade magazine. Millions are starving. Do we need more? Thank you, Ms. Feral, for visiting Alaska; but it's our state, our wolves, our decisions.

-- Eberhard Brunner / Anchorage


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