Moose Don't Set Out to Kill Humans; They're Just Responding to Threats

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 16, 2004

This is in regard to Sue Johnson's letter on April 9 ("When will Anchorage residents admit moose are plain dangerous"). I am truly sorry that Ms. Johnson had to experience the awful horror of her son's moose attack. That is a horrible thing for any mother -- or anyone -- to see happen to a loved one. My heart goes out to her and her son.

But I urge her not to view moose as "potential killers." I was raised in the beautiful town of Hope, where running into moose is nearly a daily occurrence. I have never had a problem with them myself, so I am fortunate. They are very gentle and wonderful animals. They are not vicious, and certainly don't set out to stomp or kill humans. If they attack a human, it is probably because they feel threatened. Ms. Johnson mentioned that the moose that attacked her son had a baby with it. Thus, this moose was doing what every mother of any mammal would do for her offspring -- protect it.

We must remember as humans that we are animals and we share this terrific planet with many other species. I believe that it is our duty to not only learn to live with other humans, but with other animals, for they are living things too.

-- Joshua Anderson / Hope

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