Howl-In at Children's Museum Backs Tourism Boycott

Friends of Animals / Tucson AZ / April 16, 2004

TUCSON, Ariz. - Friends of Animals will continue the international boycott of Alaska's $2 billion tourism industry.  Aerial gunners have now killed more than 140 wolves:  20 near McGrath and 120 in the Nelchina Basin region near Glenallen. People will gather at the Tucson Children's Museum at 12 noon on Saturday, 17 April, to sign postcards denouncing the deaths and pledging to avoid touring Alaska.

Maru Vigo, schoolteacher and founder of the Animal Liberation Network in Tucson, said:  "This is our third Howl-in. The people of Tucson continue to express their disgust and surprise at this killing spectacle and Murkowski's administration."  Other Howl-ins will run this weekend in Bend, Oregon; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Tokyo, Japan.     

Meanwhile, Friends of Animals, an animal-advocacy organization with approximately 200,000 members and supporters, continues to challenge the claimed legal basis for the issuance of the permits by state authorities.

On 26 March 2004, Friends of Animals filed the latest document in a series of complaints, assailing the biological data used by the Alaska Board of Game to approve the permits. According to the group's president Priscilla Feral, "The Board cannot rely on guesswork or make up numbers. Biologists from Alaska's Department of Fish & Game itself have warned the Board about the inadequacy of the biological data, but the Board has disregarded that warning." 

FoA categorically opposes the killing of wolves, said Friends of Animals legal director Lee Hall. "Even in the terms on which the Governor and Game Board view wolves, however, the killings lack a logical basis. Our research shows that the Governor and Game Board follow no rules -- even their own."

FoA has organized more than 150 Howl-Ins, protest events where the public can sign postcards pledging to boycott travel to Alaska until the killing is stopped. 94,000 "Boycott Alaska" postcards have been distributed; and numerous e-mails, phone calls and letters have reached Gov. Frank Murkowski from people endorsing the boycott.

Howl-ins will continue until 30 April 2004, the last official day of Alaska's aerial wolf-shooting; they will resume if the wolf 'control' scheme begins again in the year-end snowfalls.  For details of Howl-Ins schedules, and to see the names of over 100 groups supporting the tourism boycott:

Contact:  Suzanne Garland, Friends of Animals (203) 656-1522 or cell (203) 273-8079 In Tucson: Maru Vigo, Animal Liberation Network (520) 975-5370 

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