Living with Wilderness Means Living with Wild Animals, Even in Our City

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 17, 2004

There have been many arguments about moose recently. There are not enough in the Interior, so we are killing wolves; never mind that 360 moose were killed on Mat-Su roads this winter. We aren't shooting cars for killing so many moose. Those moose are different for some reason.

One of the great things about Anchorage is all the parks and wilderness. If people want to keep it, they have to accept that wilderness, even in a city, comes with some animals, and sometimes they aren't cuddly.

As for the kid who got stomped, what was he doing with a water gun? It was still freezing out. I'm not accusing him of anything, but I am suspicious. I was a kid in middle school not so long ago. Kids at my bus stop threw all sorts of things at moose. I threw all sorts of things at the kids because I didn't want to get stomped by a moose along with them. I spent my entire childhood in Anchorage and I knew better than to follow moose around.

A couple of accidents with moose don't mean they all need to go away. If you don't like moose in Anchorage, tough. Move away, tenderfoot; the moose won't miss you.

-- Samantha Lavin / Anchorage

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