Governor's Game Board Doesn't Represent all Alaskans

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 23, 2004

Does our current Board of Game represent all Alaska viewpoints? This question needs to be contemplated by each and every Alaskan. The board callously promotes killing wolves and continually manages wildlife in ways that desecrate natural ecosystem processes.

Board of Game member Mike Fleagle recently wrote editorials bashing an ad campaign that publicizes the board's management techniques. These nationwide ads detail several of the board's recent deplorable actions, including permitting gunmen in aircraft to slaughter wolves, allowing moose calves to be shot, and liberalizing certain regulations to initiate a future assault on Alaska's bears. These ads, in addition to organized public protests throughout the country questioning Alaska's wildlife policy, are intended to encourage people to unite against outdated forms of wildlife management that disregard public wishes and skirt scientific credibility. Forms of management that our own state's Board of Game are actively administering. I urge everyone to speak up and tell the board that its actions are unacceptable and that we value natural ecosystems, not game farms.

Killing Alaska wolves from airplanes is an issue that everybody should be concerned about, non-Alaskans included. Murkowski and his appointed Board of Game are embarrassing Alaska by reverting to archaic methods that encourage rampant over-exploitation of the state's wildlife. The Board of Game does not represent me. Leave the wolves alone.

-- Jeff Schively / Girdwood

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