Contact Legislators and Urge Them to Vote No on SB 318 and SB 329

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 26, 2004

There are two bills working their way through the Legislature that, if passed, could have devastating effects on our wildlife.

The first is SB 318, due to pass out of Senate Judiciary Committee any day. This bill by Sen. Ralph Seekins (originator of the mandatory wolf control bill last year) requires the killing of wildlife to be the highest and main priority. This reserves all Alaska's wildlife for the sole purpose of killing. The Department of Law, the Department of Fish and Game and the commercial fishing industry are opposed to this bill, stating it could seriously hamper the state's ability to manage wildlife and make fair allocation decisions.

The second is SB 329, currently in House Rules. This bill allows private citizens to relocate moose. The only state relocation of moose was done in the 1950s by trained biologists and involved calves being transported to an ideal, protected habitat with a mild environment (Cordova). Urban moose that are drugged and wake up in a new, harsh habitat are much more subject to predation, hunting and starvation. The trauma, physical stress and prolonged anesthesia can also kill them. Human contact with the drug used can be fatal. Lost darts can be found by kids in urban areas.

I urge you to immediately contact legislators and urge them to vote no on these dangerous bills.

-- Carol Jensen / Anchorage

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