Do We Really Want Private Groups
Darting Moose in Neighborhoods?

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 27, 2004

Regarding "Urban nuisance moose may get a plane ticket to the Bush" (April 26): First, we're killing off wolves and bears so we can shoot calf moose. Now we're stocking moose like we do pheasants. But moose can't be raised on game farms so we need to declare them nuisances in Anchorage, drug them with narcotics and move them hundreds of miles away to strange places. There they will compete with resident moose while trying to survive without knowing where to eat, how to avoid predators or where to migrate. This ill-conceived scheme is the latest to emerge from the predator control crowd, long known for plans based on poor science and unproven conservation principles.

Do Anchorage residents really want a private group patrolling neighborhoods with dart guns, coming onto private property to capture and kill moose? They want to remove 250 moose each year, claiming this will reduce problems. In my neighborhood there are moose all winter. People here know how to avoid problems, and Fish and Game can readily solve any problems that might occur. We think the Moose Federation is a nuisance and they should be taken out of Anchorage. Maybe that would bring some sanity and respect back to managing moose in a town where most people enjoy having moose around and oppose crazy schemes to remove them.

-- Vic Van Ballenberghe / Anchorage

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