Alaskans Should Have Say on Wolf Hunt

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 29, 2004

I picked up a copy of the Anchorage Press at my post office in Big Lake and it had a wolf on the cover ("Hunting the Hunters," April 15 - 21). I then read Amanda Coyne's article on aerial wolf hunting. I agree that if the state allowed photographers to go with them and take pictures, it would be different. I believe the reason that the state will not allow photographers is because they know that if those pictures were published, the public would really be upset about aerial wolf hunting. I have written letters to our governor, but neither he nor his staff has the balls to write me back. The public has voted two times against this barbaric act against wolves. Our governor, who is supposed to be representing the people of this state, is not doing a very good job when he takes it upon himself to implement this practice without the consent of Alaskans.

I used to own two hybrid wolves. They were the greatest animals I ever had. They were also the most misunderstood animals around. I am not an animal rights activist, but I do believe that we should just let nature take its course. God put the wolves on earth for a reason; they help keep down the population of moose and other animals. Instead of our governor screwing around with mother nature, we shouldn't let so many out-of-state hunters kill all the moose in Nelchina and McGrath. I don't know what good this letter will do, but please try to figure out a way that it will be read by our governor and his staff of trophy hunters.

Dani Button / Big Lake

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