Harvesting Moose More Reasonable Choice Than Flying Critters to Bush

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / May 3, 2004 

Heck, I would love to get a free plane ticket to the Bush! Why should Anchorage born and fed moose get a free ride? If the qualifications for this free ticket include being a danger to our city, jaywalking, chasing and frightening our children, scaring us when getting the morning newspaper, weighing more than 1,000 pounds and causing car accidents, then gee, I guess I don't qualify. ("Urban nuisance moose may get a plane ticket to the Bush," April 26).

I agree, something should be done. Anchorage moose are dangerous, wild and a nuisance. I believe Sen. Con Bunde's bill has the right idea -- to decrease Anchorage's resident moose population, but his method is unreasonable. A less expensive alternative, which would also stock the freezers of Anchorage residents and food banks, would be to allow a controlled harvest of the moose. It would be cheaper and more logical to have Fish and Game decide how to harvest the moose (bow hunt?) in a safe and reasonable manner here than to fly moose around the state (do they get air miles?).

- - C.L. Chesnut / Anchorage

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