To Preserve Predators and Prey, We Must Stop the Political Pendulum

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / March 23, 2003


In the debate on the reasons for the declining moose population, as long as we see it as the wolf killers versus the bunny huggers, we will get nowhere.

Prey and predator numbers rise and fall in cycles. What about other factors such as availability of browse for moose, poaching, the effects of recent changes in weather patterns and the added stress of encroaching development?

I am not convinced that the decline in the number of moose is due solely to the voracious appetites of wolves. Killing wolves seems too simplistic a solution.

My fear is the Alaska Board of Game senses that the political climate has shifted to the point where it can ignore the pleas of animal-rights groups. In a few years when the pendulum swings in the other direction, the board may well reverse itself again.

We need to stop lurching between these two poles. The wolves (and bears) deserve our informed and considered debate.

There must be an alternate solution that will provide for the sustainability of moose and wolves during the lives of my grandchildren's grandchildren.

-- Bob Martin / Eagle River

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