Leave Wildlife Management to the Experts,
Away From Voters

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / May 5, 2004

The Alaska Department of Transportation should hold a statewide public vote to determine the size of the girders to be used in the next bridge project built by the state! That logic is similar to holding a statewide vote to determine if and how wolves should be killed, or if moose should be harvested or relocated.

Personally, I do not oppose the protection of the environment. However, I do object to statewide votes regarding game management issues, considering most of the state's voting population lives in or around the Municipality of Anchorage, and does not have the experience, training or the education to understand the biological effects of principles supported by emotionally driven and supported environmental groups such as Friends of Animals.

I also object to environmental groups traveling to Alaska from Connecticut or any other place in the world to seek injunctions against the actions determined to be in the best interest of the overall health of Alaska's biological resources. On the bright side, the majority of the people that will boycott visiting Alaska will most likely be the type of people that Alaska residents do not want visiting our state in the first place. Shouldn't we allow biologists to manage the harvesting and relocation of game, just as we trust engineers to design our bridges?

-- Mike Ross / Anchorage


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