Bear Baiting is Fair Chase,
Valid Tool for Wildlife Management

Letters to the Editor / Kenai Peninsula Clarion / May 16, 2004

In 55 years of hunting, fishing and trapping as an avid outdoorsman, I find bear baiting is as enjoyable as any hunting experience I've ever had.

Unfortunately, people like Priscilla Feral and George Pollard are insulting or attacking the Alaska way of life, hunters and the hunting organizations that recognize bear baiting as both fair chase hunting and an important scientific wildlife management tool.

What pushed me over the edge on this subject was George Pollard's statement that "bear baiting is a lazy, unethical and dangerous practice." There is nothing lazy or unethical about bear baiting, and I resent the insinuation that I'm lazy or unethical. Anyone who considers bear baiting easy has never lugged a hundred pounds of bait to a station or packed out the meat and hide of a black bear to salvage it.

Bear baiting is one of the few opportunities a disabled hunter has to enjoy our hunting heritage, but he had better have a friend to help him.

I question Pollard's ethics and what hidden agenda he has in supporting the anti-wildlife management initiative. Experienced wildlife biologists have done a wonderful job of managing this state's wildlife in spite of anti-hunting groups and individuals who went to eliminate hunting. It's clear to me that all hunters need to start respecting each others' interests or all hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife will be losers.

What will be next? Shall we vote to eliminate fly rods or photography? George Pollard and Priscilla Feral all share the same tenet Ð they each want to change yours and my way of life by imposing their values on anyone that doesn't agree with them while using emotion and ignorance to help accomplish it.

Larry Daly / Kasilof

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