State-Sanctioned Killing of Wildlife Will Eventually Drive Away Tourists

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 9, 2004 

It's that time of year again. RVs are peppered along our roads, campers are planted in campgrounds and souvenir shops are abuzz with sales. But more importantly, it's the time when Alaskans hope for the big spending by tourists who were earlier in the year practically ignored. They come here to see our wildlife and wild places.

But for some reason when they return, the "Outsiders" will once again be ignored and their voices discredited. All that will show for them is a line item in Gov. Frank Murkowski's financial report.

And once the snow flies again and planes take to the air to kill more wildlife, they will not have any say in the policies that drive their very migration to Alaska.

It's sad that Alaska is two-faced. We welcome the tourists to rake in their cash and ignore their voices once they leave.

Wake up, Alaska. Once the wildlife is gone, the tourists will not return.

-- Scott Moran / Girdwood AK

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