Linking of Cub Capture, Bear Baiting by Board of Game Member is Absurd

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 19, 2004

I could not believe the audacity of Pete Buist's letter ("Initiative trying to ban bear baiting goes too far, as cub incident shows," June 10).

First of all, Buist is a Board of Game member who at the last meeting in Fairbanks acted as ringleader for the biggest attacks on Alaska's predators that this state has ever seen, including the sale of bear parts.

It is already illegal to feed or bait brown bears. Come on, Pete, you know this. The anti-bear baiting initiative has nothing to do with this situation. Attempting to link the two reminds me of some of the campaign ads going on right now for the Senate race.

Mr. Buist is a prime example of why we need professionals managing this great state's wildlife, not egotistical maniacs. We need a science-based board of wildlife that respects the views of all stakeholders (including hunters and trappers, subsistence lifestyles and wildlife watchers) and that models the diversity of the people of this great state.

-- Margie Warnke / Anchorage

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