Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / June 17, 2004

To the Editor:

Pete Buist's recent letter of concern over the two rescued grizzly cubs was truly touching when you understand that as a trapper he deals mainly in killing wildlife.

Of course, were those cubs just a few months older he and a trapper buddy could have easily also killed them for he is the same Pete Buist who as a member of the Board of Game supports Ralph Seekins' "Bear Control" measures that allows the hunting of 11 month-old cubs. (These measures demonstrate that when it comes to understanding wildlife management and ethics Seekins is out of his depth on damp pavement.)

What a wondrous flexibility of character that someone such as Buist can dispense heartfelt sympathy (hypocritically wrapped in pro-bear-baiting propaganda) with one hand while with the other he can take aim at slightly older cubs whose misfortunes bring them within killing range.

Art Greenwalt / Fairbanks

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